Martin Gort

All-round Studio Percussionist for Bands

studio percussionist Martin Gort


Martin has contributed to more than 100 CDs from different artists in very different genres. Because of his vast experience, he’s able to create the desired sound and implement it in virtually any way desired. He is always ready to share his musical ideas and suggestions for the project he is working on.

He’s highly skilled and very flexible, which makes him a popular and highly-demanded studio musician. Among others he has worked with: Paul de Leeuw, Andre Hazes, Rene Froger, BZN, Erik van Muiswinkel, Francien van Tuinen en Carmen Sars.



Martin listed a few of his discography items on his website. This list gives a nice overview of all of the diverse styles that he’s able to play.

Check out his discography over here or listen to some songs that martin contributed to.


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