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Martin is one of the best percussionists of the Netherlands and has more than 35 years of experience.

He’s in great demand because his musicality and versatility make him a great all-round percussionist.

He went on many study trips to West Africa and Cuba and came home with a profound understanding of traditional rhythms. He uses the knowledge he gained from those trips all througout his music today.

Besides his job as a practicing musician in various bands and acts, he has been teaching percussion at the Jazz Department of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels for over 10 years.

Additionally, he provides percussion workshops across the country for a wide audience - not only for family parties and special occasions, but also for groups of experienced percussionists.

His enthusiasm, didactic skills and empathy help him inspire each and every student who enrolls in his classes, regardless of their starting level.

Group drumming is a great way to connect with people: it is extremely energizing and therefore the perfect activity for teambuilding sessions.

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From West Africa to Cuba

Martin’s percussion is influenced by many different countries and cultures, ranging from the Western part of Africa and all the way to Cuba.

His style is traditional and clear. The way he plays is refreshing and liberal as he incorporates a string of different traditional rhythms to create a unique rhythm

Today, Martin continues to be inspired by the traditional West African and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Because of his adaptability and creativity, Martin has been asked to contribute to countless bands all over the world.

He has worked together with top artists like Bob Mintzer, Toots Thielemans, Richard Galliano, Randy Brecker, Chaka Kahn, Nigel Hitchcock, Candy Dulfer, the Metropole Orchestra and many others.

Martin is a popular guest musician who is able to apply his knowledge of West African and Afro Cuban percussion styles to pretty much all genres, like pop music, light music, movie soundtracks, jazz an fusion.

His incredible versatility ensures he’s regularly asked as a guest musician to all kinds of projects.


  • 01

    Flying High

    Flying High Good Medicine

  • 02

    In Your Hands

    Muzyka Francien van Tuinen

  • 03

    East West

    Call On The Sun East West

  • 04

    Dun dun & Kirinyi Compositie

    Wereldritmes van West-Afrika Buitenkunst

  • 05


    Bamoulé Africa Soli


Before I started playing percussion 35 years ago, I could never have imagined that rhythm is so connected with our lives. In fact, nothing works without the amazing power of rhythm. In this world we all live in, rhythm is everywhere. Everything needs a certain rhythm to operate properly, to work properly, to function properly…and so do we as human beings. We operate day to day life like rhythmical machines, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we're feeling well, we are in rhythm. The different parts of our lives are balanced and in sync. You know you’re in rhythm when you feel no physical pain, no emotional problems, no social insecurities or spiritual doubts. When we are in rhythm, we are the best version of ourselves and are synchronizing with the rhythm and tempo of the universe.
Drumming is a great way to invite rhythm into your life. To become grounded and get a sense of who you are and where you’re going. Drumming shuts out your mind and lets you reconnect with your body. It is revitalizing and if you allow it to, it even has healing abilities.
During group drumming all of these positive effects are even more powerful. Group drumming has been used for hundreds of years to connect, energize and heal people and its effects shouldn’t be underestimated. It can greatly improve one’s life and wellbeing. In the end, everything is rhythmically connected, and drumming will allow you to find your own personal beat. If you’re able to let go and give yourself to the drums, the drum will give back to your life in ways you had never expected.

So just remember, there's no movement without rhythm. And there's no life without movement.

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